What Is A Telfar Bag?

Telfar Shopping Bag

You may don’t know Telfar’s name yet, but you’ve seen this bag in street photography. The seemingly ordinary and versatile bags have quickly become popular in the fashion industry in recent years, and Telfar bags have become “It bags” that celebrities can’t put down.

Telfar Large Navy Shopping Bag
Large Navy

The Telfar opened mail reservations to prevent maliciously raising the price and reselling. But they still sell out within seven minutes. For a while, it was hailed as the new Birkin.

Telfar Medium Bubblegum Handbag
Medium Bubblegum

So what is the magic of this Telfar bag? Let’s take a look.

Telfar Small Yellow Tote Bag
Small Yellow

Telfar bags are not expensive. According to the size of the bag, its price ranges from US$150 to US$350. It’s much lower than any bag of most luxury brands.

Telfar Small White Bag
Small White

Inspired by shopping bags, the Telfar logo is just a simple combination of T and C. It is not only the abbreviation of the designer himself, and another definition is given by the designer-“Terminal Capitalism”.

Telfar Small Orange Handbag
Small Orange

Its magic does not come entirely from its design, but also the attitude of its representatives.

Telfar Small Black Shopping Bag
Small Black

This bag uses vegan leather similar to real leather, which is soft and wear-resistant. The price of the bag is close to us and more eco-friendly.

Multi-colors Leather Shopping Bags
Leather Shopping Bags

Telfar was born in Brooklyn, New York, known as the “Bushwick Birkin Bag”. It expresses the young generation’s view of luxury goods-against the mainstream and owning themselves.

Pool Blue Bag

In addition to the bag itself, the designer’s story is also moving. On Nov 6, 2017, Telfar Clemens won the highest award from the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Not only did he receive a $400,000 bonus, but more importantly, he changed from an unknown designer to a representative of the fashion industry “embrace the street and diverse culture”.

Telfar Clemens Fashion Designer

Telfar Clemens is a Liberian-American fashion designer. He was born in 1985. He lived in Liberia when he was a teenager. In 1999, he moved to the United States during the Libyan National Civil War. He stayed in Queens, Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia before returning to New York, where he began his design career.

The special growth experience and environment have created Telfar’s diverse aesthetic perspectives, and also achieved the brand’s unique style.

Telfar Clemens & Celebrities

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Millions of people were confined to their homes by a pandemic sweeping the globe.

Telfar Bag Collection

Under the special opportunity, Telfar successfully seized the opportunity of e-commerce with the help of its operating experience in We Media. Created a record of Telfar LOGO handbags “sold out in 7 minutes”, and rushed to Twitter top search.

Red & Gold Telfar Bag

If all this is Telfar’s luck, it is also because “chance favors only the prepared mind”. In the Vanity Fair of the fashion industry, some want to be famous overnight. They look impetuous and luxurious, but the precipitation of years behind them is not easy to know.

Telfar Medium Gold

Telfar became popular because of the designer’s experience and the ideas he represented.

This bag is no longer a symbol of wealth, but a tool to show personality. It succeeded in capturing the rebellion in people’s hearts and appealing to the equality we all yearn for.

Cream Bag

Since then, many popular bloggers and even celebrities carried this bag one after another to express their disdain for wealth and fame.

Telfar Small Oxblood
Small Oxblood

Telfar became a household name and quickly gained popularity.

Telfar bag is worth getting.

This bag is affordable, but the design is top-notch. It’s versatile and looks very good for men and women.

Yellow Medium Bag

It is worth buying this mini bag. The shoulder strap is foldable.

Telfar Large White
Large White

The cream color is very soft with any color, has a high-level texture, soft and gentle.

Telfar Small Cream
Small Cream

You can carry a computer and books with A larger size. Artificial leather is durable and can also be used during business trips.

Small Tan Telfar
Small Tan

To increase head-turning, choose colors that jump a bit.

Small Telfar Dark Olive
Small Dark Olive

There is a growing sense that luxury is not just a symbol of wealth. Real luxury should have connotations, it should be a portrayal of a type of personality and values, reflecting our attitude towards life.

Telfar x UGG Shopper Bag
Sheepskin Shopper

When people carry Telfar bags on the street, they are saying that she is egalitarian.